Fun things I that I am working on now or have in the past.

  • Xgardens This is a set of experimental gardens I created long ago
  • 120 sq foot farm – an tiny urban farmstead in England
  • Suburban ReVisions – imagining the suburbs in the below zero era
  • Planning A Great Region, a published collection of my essays about town and regional planning
  • Cosmic American Gardens– I’ve compiled a collection of “outsider” gardens, those built by American folk landscape designers
  • Pullman Dryland Farming Heritage Trail: A conceptual proposal that I’ve put together for the creation of an interpretive trail linking historic cultural objects and landscapes in the Palouse Region, including an idea for Pullman’s equivalent to Gasworks Park
  • The Bridges of WSU:  documenting the various above grade connections around the campus – part of my series on the elements of he WSU campus landscape
  • The Plazas of WSU documenting urban space on the campus
  • Fitness for Life Grant County Trail 48 mile greenway feasibility study
  • Totnes England Living Streets Plan A proposal for complete streets in Totnes, England, the world’s first “Transition Town.”
  • La Qunita Inn Travel Collection I have a dream:  One day La Quinta Inn will hire me to take the photos that they will use in their properties.  These are the kinds of photos that hotels use in hopes of providing authenticity to their guests.  They are the pictures that line walls, are in the elevators, and sometimes even the rooms. They are clichés, yet they resonate.
  • Pullman Veterans Memorial Final Draft
  • Mill Street Ped Mall Lexington Ky
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