my er’s: wanderer, piddler, dreamer, designer, arter, lawyer, planner, teacher, and, sometimes, thinker

this place’s raison d’être:  exploration

why:  the world is changing and we should understand it

I explore the challenges of planetary overshoot – including climate change, non-renewable resource depletion, and environmental destruction – and its impact on landscape architecture, urban planning, and, well, life generally.

As a teacher, I strive to ensure that I am providing an education that empowers students to become leaders in the design and creation of beautiful, resilient, and just communities and bioregions.

I also explore creativity as an expression of harmony with the universe.  As an awesome woman sings: “We are stardust.”

My CV: Steve Austin ACADEMIC CV May 2022

My page at School of Design and Construction at Washington State University is here.

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