that’s so pullman

pictures and thoughts about a little town on the Palouse. always more coming soon.

When one googles “Pullman” up comes the google map and this wonderful thumbnail with so sums up our downtown Main Street: a quarter-mile dragstrip with nothing visible to slow traffic nor incline anyone to do anything but speed through it.

This is a scene from a time a long time ago, when lodging didnt have, or need, brands in little western towns. “Motel” was enough.

I’ve often wondered if this is a command for us here in this little town…sent from out of state developers….

oops… ranked WSU’s campus as the 23 ugliest out of 50 across the USA….seems a little harsh. I prefer to think that we have some prime examples of Mid-Century Modern architecture 🙂


The “west-coast” suburban apartment monsters are coming to Pullman…which in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing – but surely we can do better design in what is now becoming a more urban area than this….


Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 7.06.31 PM.png

Little known fact:  this was Plant and Page’s working title…..



Here it is!  The entrance to our little town from the south.  Why yes, that is the ass end of Walmart at the highest point.  Sometimes city planners don’t understand the implications and visual impacts of their land use decisions.


Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 9.49.39 PM

It appears that the little green bots have done their duty, and are now marching up the ramp into the Crimson Cube. I hope they get inside soon as it is clear they will not get any shade on their march.



Since weed is legal here, I guess the city figured we all needed a little protection…..



This RV has been parking in this same place for at least 2 years….sometimes I see someone in there.  Is this a sign that the housing crisis is coming to Pullman? UPDATE:  the RV is now gone…..



Great place.  Much better than the New Post of Ice

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