The Palouse misses a great opportunity to get ready for zero carbon

This recent story from WSU’s student newspaper shows that the citizens of the USA have spent at least $200 million in upgrading a tiny airport. Unfortunately, these upgrades should have a short lifespan, as air travel is incompatible with what needs to happen to maintain a livable environment. The recent report entitled Absolute Zero, created by professors at the Cambridge University, shows why this is so. We must end using ALL fossil fuels within the next 22 decades. That means the end of air travel as neither electric airplanes or biofuel alternatives will be available at scale to maintain the current system.

Instead, we could have spent that $200 million creating an electrified transport system to connect us with the rest of Washington. Hopefully the vision and willpower – and money – to achieve that will be here soon or else the communities on the Palouse will be very, very isolated in the zero carbon future.

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