The end of concrete?

SA: Wow. Most people have very little idea that a post carbon future wont include much concrete. Cement, the main ingredient in concrete cant be made without enormous CO2 emissions. As of now, there is no way to mitigate those emissions. The result will be a built environment vastly different than today.

From CNN: “The cement sector needs to dramatically reduce the contribution it makes to climate change. Delaying or avoiding this challenge is not an option,” Stephanie Pfeifer, CEO of IIGCC, said in a statement. “This is ultimately a business-critical issue for the sector.”

Firms that don’t move quickly to change their practices risk losing access to capital, according to the investors. With no clear single route to decarbonization, they recommend the companies pursue a range of options. Cement makers must “get ahead of the profound transformation (emphasis mine) their sector faces by addressing barriers to decarbonization in the short- to medium-term,” said Pfeifer, the IIGCC chief executive.

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