Even Seattle finds it’s just too hard being green

From the Seattle Times:

“In order to achieve our goal of Seattle becoming a carbon neutral city, we need to increase the pace of our emissions reductions by sevenfold,” the city’s report says.

Think about that. The city is only a few years in to a 15-year plan to cut carbon emissions roughly in half, by 2030. And already we’re lagging to such an extent that we need to go seven times faster?

“Our overall emissions reductions are not on pace to meet our climate goals,” the report says.

It’s that our emissions don’t lie. We haven’t even been able to take these actions in Seattle, America’s greenest city.

So what to do instead? The best idea came from our own Gov. Jay Inslee. Not recently, but 17 years ago, when he was a congressman, he proposed what he called a “New Apollo Project.” His idea then was simple: To convene the world’s best scientists and charge them not with taking a shot at the moon, but to design and invent a “a new energy future” to save the Earth.

(SA: A “New Apollo Project” is false hope. That phrase is designed to make people think that there are solutions out there that will enable us to continue to live as we are now.  The only result of this pattern is ecocide.  There is nothing that will enable us to continue our current suicidal way of life.  If Inslee is really serious, he must admit that industrial civilization must end, and that we must learn to live within the limits of the planet. The only “new energy future” that will work is one with very little energy at all. Will being honest make him president?)

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