The initial US response to the UN climate report

A spokeswoman for the state department said the US is “leading the world in providing affordable, abundant, and secure energy to our citizens, while protecting the environment and reducing emissions through job-creating innovation.”

This is absolute nonsense.

“Affordable, abundant and secure.” In fact our energy supply is none of those things.  And before you say, “well it is affordable, at least” remember the external costs that are unaccounted for in the price we pay for energy.

“Protecting the environment.” That one is laughable.  The Trump administration wants to drill and mine in every conceivable place in the US, while rolling back environmental protections.

And somehow, the US is “reducing emissions through job-creating innovation.” This, like the rest, is untrue, but vague sounding enough to be be reassuring.

Finally, the US is doing its part by  outlining an approach to climate change that has “unburdened communities, individuals, and industries by allowing them to develop and implement policies that fit their needs.”  Yeah.  Communities “unburdened” by government always do the right things.

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