Profiting from the end of civilization?

By Steve Austin

Reading this from Market Watch “5 ways for your stock market investments to from profit climate change” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Can American capitalistic entitlement ever be subverted? Here’s the lead: “But amid the commentary about how this  [climate change] will affect the S&P 500 and specific sectors, it’s worth examining discussing the broader trend of extreme weather brought on by climate change and considering which stocks and investment themes are best positioned to profit from this.”

This is the crying part:  Is thinking that profiting from human misery and death is ok a bug or a feature of our society? Does expecting to profit from the destruction of the only ecosystem in the universe that can support human life derive from ignorance or evil?  I mean seriously, there is a recommendation to buy water stocks “as it is increasingly apparent that providers of clean and reliable water sources are in a growth industry.”  Really.

This is the laughing part:  The moron that wrote this thinks that electric cars are a great investment, little understanding that if we stop using fossil fuels there wont be any electric cars as they are impossible to make without them.

Thinking like this is why that in 100 years there will be no internet on which to read such heartless ignorance (or evil…).

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