Climate emergency plans

A number of city councils in Australia are acknowledging that we have entered into dire climate conditions. They are preparing “Climate Emergency Plans” in order to direct their actions and to mobilize the communities.

An excerpt:  Council has recognised that we are in a state of climate emergency that requires urgent action by all levels of government, including local councils. We will undertake ambitious action and advocacy to reach our core goals, which are:

  • to provide maximum protection for the community of Darebin and for people, civilisation and species globally, especially the most vulnerable
  • to restore a safe climate at emergency speed by eliminating greenhouse emissions and enabling drawdown
    of excess carbon dioxide in the air
  • to encourage research to find safe ways to protect people, species and civilisation from near-term dangerous temperatures, while zero emission and carbon dioxide drawdown strategies are being enacted
  • to enable our community to be resilient in the face of any unavoidable dangerous climate impacts
  • to engage, empower and mobilise governments, communities and organisations to take action on and achieve these goals with certainty and at emergency speed.

Read more here.

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